My First Solo Travel

People from society is not totally agree on the idea of SOLO FEMALE TRAVELLER especially our mother. I considered their fears and worries that there might some things will happen to us when we go in unknown places. There might be accidents and danger that might happen to us and no one is around to help or call for help. The fears and worries of our mother that what if, we will get rape or worst kidnap in unknown place. Those are very common objection from our family specially our mothers. But given the fact of those negative thoughts that arises, I’d still chose to go on my first solo travelling in my own country(Philippines). I’ve searched details on the places I am going to from google and from a friend who went on that place. It was my first time to travel alone in a secluded area though i have been into many  cities of other country alone but still the feelings are different. There is still a fear in one side of my heart,i know it was a little scared. A little scared that what if i have no place to sleep on, what if i cannot find the way that I’ve searched in a google from other traveller. Until the day comes i set my FIRST SOLO TRAVELLING. I dropped all my FEARS  and my WHAT IFS and continue going without thinking what will gonna happen to me when I go myself. It was 1am of June 12,2016 when l left my house. I decided to travel in Northern part of the Philippines. Buscalan Village,Tinglayan, Kalinga Apayao. It was approximately 275 miles away from my house. I travelled that far for a certain purpose. To meet the Legendary Mambabatok(traditional way of making a tattoo) but it wasn’t my purpose to go there to have a tattoo but instead to meet her and have her my salute for preserving her love to the man that wasn’t meant for her not because one side of love was gone but it is because their tribe never let them marry each other even if they both have over flowed of love for each other but it is because of their way of culture’s belief. They cannot marry each other because they were from different tribe. When i knew her love story is exactly the same as mine I decided to meet her personally. She kept her love to the man all throughout her life. She was about on her 90’s and she didn’t marry at all or even find other man to his life. She preserved the love that she has for his only man. It was amazing right? I know how it feels.

I’m on my way in going to the village. Having coffee on the road while waiting for the bus. Waiting for a bus going to Baguio City some where in San Fernando, City of Pampangga. I am taking the route from Baguio City to Bontoc to Tingalayan City and walk down to Buscalan Village..

Side road coffee
As I am sitting down on the side of the toad while waiting for the bus

Bus came almost around 5:30am already,from that timing my itinerary is already out of my planned. I supposed to be in Baguio City by 5:30am to catch up the bus going to Province of Bontoc. But I didn’t manage to get on time. While i was sitting on the bus I keep on searching for the other route go on the village since it has three ways to go on that village. In the middle of my way, i asked the bus driver is there any place i can take to go on other route which is from Tabuk City. The driver was very helpful for giving me information about the details of taking other route. I listened to his instruction very carefully. I have no idea which,where, what place and how long to travel that places but no matter what is the things around that place, I didn’t mind at all. I just continue my journey without knowing what is the things waiting for me on that place. Somewhere in VILLASIS, PANGASINAN  he dropped me asked me to wait for another bus going to SANTIAGO, ISABELA. 

The bus driver gave me another way to reach my destination. How kind was. Isn’t?
Villasis, Pangasinan
Roaming arpund Villasis Pangasinan while waiting for next bus

Not so long of waiting,the bus came. It will go to ROXAS CITY. I hopped into that bus. The driver instructed me to take into that bus and come down to SANTIAGO ISABELA. When the bus conductor came to me and asked where is my destination. I replied to drop me at Santiago and I asked how long will be our travelling hours to reach the place. As he answered me 6 hours. OMG! That was too long travelling. I didn’t expect that my travelling will be so bad as it was happened. I have no choice but to go on. I am really decided to reach Buscalan Village. For the reason of  WHANG OD, to test how far my STRENGHT can go and how FEARLESS I can be along my journey. 

Hopped in a Bus to Santiago Isabela
The road


The greenery of the village
The rice field and mountain view on the road side
Quick stop for snack, rest and bathroom

Around 2:30pm when we reach the SANTIAGO. The journey haven’t finish. I still need to hop on another bus going to TABUK CITY, KALINGA APAYAO. From Santiago to Tabuk City is another 3.5hours. I was almost dying around that timing. I didn’t eat my breakfast. I have no lunch. I have no food on my bag. Lucky after I changed the bus there is bus vendor came inside the bus and I bought chicharon and bottle of water. Food wasn’t my problem, I can survive without food.The problem was I already felt so sticky on myself. And to the matter of  I have no idea whether i got place to sleep on. A hostel, apartelle, hotel or whatever. I am so thankful on the bus conductor for asking one tricycle driver to drop me on the nearby hostel. The feeling was so scary. The hostel is quite old and nobody was there. Expectedly, it was a rural area and nothing to see so there is no traveller and occupant as well. As I opened my bag to look for my charger because my two phone is already drained so I wanted to charge but as a big surprised for me, the chord for my charger was not in my bag. I quickly come out on my room and look for a shop selling for charger. Thank God I found a shop nearby to my hostel. Around the area there is also carinderia so before I come back to my room I decided to eat first and buy some bun and cheese for my journey on the following day. After come back to my room I just had may shower and knock myself off in the bed. Thank God, I slept though I was afraid into my room. I set my alarm by 5am so I can go early as the bus conductor saying there 6am jeepney going to Tinglayan City. 6am exactly I left the room and continue my journey. Still dark around the area when I was walking on the road. I asked the trycicle driver whether got jeep going to Tinglayan City passing on that area as they replied there is but it will come only there by 7:30am. They gave me other option where I can take jeep earlier to 7:30am so I decided to take that option and they dropped me.


Mister donut shop on the opposite side Of the waiting area

As I am waiting for the jeep to come i ordered a cup of coffee as my everyday routine. Indulging the aroma of the coffee in any part of the earth was my happiness. After i had my coffee I crossed the road and wait for the jeep to come. I have no plan to take any tour guide on my journey because i thought the trekking part is easy and just straight hiking. One man came to me and asked me where am I going? I replied, to  BUSCALAN VILLAGE. Conversation goes on and on. At first I refused his offer to accompany me in the trekking but as time goes by he also convinced me at reasonable price. I took his van going to village. I had my ride on top of his van. Amazing feelings. The travel was absolutely one of the best travel I had. Going around the mountain,hills side, plantations, you will see a small village from up the hill. Wonderful journey. I love every places we are passing by. The fresh wind that I couldn’t get from my town.arrggghhhh. Feels like a paradise of heaven. Very peaceful and quiet. Far from civilization.


Pansit Batil only @ TABUK CITY

It wasn’t my plan to eat anything because I got my bun and cheese in my bag. But my eyes was caught by the people eating in a small shop around the waiting area, the noodles looks good and people enjoying it. As my curiosity and the fact that I love noodle as well. I gave myself a try for this noodle dish only there in TABUK CITY. I didn’t make a wrong decisions of giving it a try. The noodle was so yummy and delicious. At very low-cost of P 50 per plate. The money is really worth it. I was full pack my tummy before we go. Which I am thankful for. After few minutes we go on our travel. From Tabuk City to Tinglayan it took  3-4 hours travel. That is the most amazing trail on my journey. I was riding on top of the jeep along my journey. I didn’t mind the sun torturing my face. The wind was soo amazing. The stiff mountains and hills that I passed by. The small villages I saw along my journey. The greenery of the provinces is so lovely. I love to live on a places like that. You can feel the innocence of the place from the world modernization. Along my journey I am becoming more hunger to see every single of the world. Quite impossible but If there’s one thing I am sure of myself is that I WILL MOVE MY FEET LITTLE BY LITTLE. I WILL EXPLORE AS FAR AS I CAN. TO MINGLE WITH THE WORLD MIGHT NE MY SECOND DESIRES.

Getting ready for my next journey    TOP LOADER PASSENGER



Selfie with the hill of mountains

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Walk in the trail of BUSCALAN VILLAGE

               The Legendary Mambabatok        WHANG OD
The Redeemer GRACE
The brother in law of WHANG OD


It was a little disappointment on my part not to have an overnight stay in Whang od’s place because I didn’t manage to be in her place on the timing I sat. It was a quick hike, quick roaming around the Buscalan Village, and quick talk with the Legendary WHANG OD.  But that quick moment will keep for a lifetime HAPPINESS. I may never have a chance to sleep over but the chance to step and reach out her place safely was my greatest achievement for myself. I became and will be more fearless in every places I am going to. I will carry my strength and my intelligence to find my way to whatever,wherever and however are my commitments is going to. Every journey of the places I am going to, I will carry my heart, my mind and my soul to reach wherever and whatever my life will lead to.

And that was the end of my journey.





Give ourselves the courage to do what is in our heart. Empower every passion that we had.

Looking up.. Dreaming.. Hoping… Believing..

Independent Traveler
Met those amazing people from behind

Embracing Happiness..

I was sitting on the top deck of the first ever ship I rode over my 29th year of my life. Looking up into the sky and looking how the ship is pulling out in the big ocean in one of the Philippines Island. As I was sitting, there are alot of things that are playing on my mind. As i ended my work contract from foreign land and chose to go back to my country to pursue the hidden passion I have discovered in the past 6 months staying in a foreign land.To be an INDEPENDENT  TRAVELER.

Sitting at the upper deck of the ship St. Agustine Hippo Ship

Traveling opens my mind in so many things and in so many ways. Traveling makes me believed I can go far away even if I am alone. I have learned to take the responsibility of myself no matter where I am and how far I am. I have seen the life that I never see when I was in a constant life cycle. 

I’m on my first longest journey on the road traveling around South East Asia covering PHILIPPINES(Palawan,Cebu and Boracay),SINGAPORE,MALAYSIA(Johor Bahru,kuala Lumpur, and Penang), THAILAND( Bangkok and Koh Lipe) and CAMBODIA(Siem Reap) for 40days on the road. Traveling from air,land and sea. In some part of myself I can feel the fear of what’s gonna happen to me on the road even how safe the places I am going to for a solo female traveler but in the end of that thought I managed to reciprocate the feelings into confident and being brave enough to go on my journey. I became more independent on many things. Even how contradict my family into my traveling I still pursue my passion. It’s not that I disrespect them but thinking at one point I am old enough to make an decision for my own. They might not understand for now but I am hoping that one day they will and they can. I feel my existance whenever I am on the road. Sitting on my own. Breathing out in places where no one knows me. I can feel the freedom to express who I am when no one is judging me of who I am. I don’t mind the hardship of carrying my 70L backpack and loading and unloading my things from time to time. I don’t mind to sleep from one place to another place. Small or big room. Comfortable or uncomfortable room I won’t mind at all. Through my traveling I am learning alot of things on the road and meeting alot of amazing people on the road. Young and old that has same passion of seeing the unknown places. I am becoming a better person on my own ways. I conquered alot of fears. Through traveling I found the happiness that I never had before. From this point of my life I will never regret the decision of leaving my job for the sake of traveling. This journey is just my gateway to discover and be in the places and countries I wanted to see and explore. It may never be easy financially but I know and I believed traveling doesn’t need to be expensive. You just have to carry the passion of traveling and things will work out while on the road. 

Being Independently women is one of the braviest thing I have done on myself. I can put my head up walking in every side of the road like I was living on the places I am going to. Crossing every bridges on the road on my own feet. Unknown road is one of my happiness. It brought a thousand smiles inside my heart. I will keep going without intended destination.

Traveling by Air
Traveling by Water
Wild and free

I’ve met a stranger and left him being a F.R.I.E.N.D

As I started exploring to unknown places on my own and write my travel diary I became a reader of so many traveler writer on Google. I got inspired on their stories. I got my confidence to go on my own exploration as their sharing their experiences,tips,thoughts and a lot more things. June 2016 when I started to explore on my own. It’s only four months ago when I am writing this article. I tried a short trip on my own country. I made a planned, get details on how to go the places, in short I’ve followed the tips of those traveler I’ve red. Do’s and Don’t when making a solo trip. It was amazing feelings right after I have done my first Solo backpacker trip. Until I became more keen on this kind of passion. I became more interested to those people from Instagram sharing their photos and provided on their profile is their link of their travel blogs. Sometimes I tried to communicate to some of them to ask some ideas/tips on a places where I also planned to go. Looking at their inspirational photos of their trave journey makes me even more inspired and because of these I knew that my lost and found passion was in the cycle of traveling and be a writer of my travel diary  into unknown places.
As I went to Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam, it wasn’t my solo trip. Two of my friends and I went for a short vacation. We explored the city. Act like a tourist. Went for a city tours. It was Totally fun short holiday. A day after come back from HCMC Vietnam, a post from one of my follower in my Instagram posted a picture of food from the HCMC. I was so happy knowing that we were both in the same city on the same day. What I did was, I quickly sent an msg to him through Instagram msg. He was the Theroamingfork. I compliment his picture he posted and told him that we were both in the same city on the same day. Unfortunately we didn’t have a chance to meet. As days pass by conversations going through. He was one of the kindest person I have ever chatted and share experiences along our travel journey. As being new in circle of travel blogging I knew from myself that I am not that good enough making a blogs but with his compliments ‘as being a good blogger’ it inspired me even more. I know it’s too early for me to be called traveler writer but I am willing to take this road until I became one of a good traveler blogger. As he told me to keep exploring and I will be one of the good travel blogger one day..hope soo🙏🙌
Not long after  Markus Kampl (theroamingfork) told me his coming to Singapore for a work matters and getting a chance for him to get an articles about Singapore Foods. He invited me to go for a around the Singapore Food Centre. As for me, it was a great pleasure for me to go around with him and meet a traveler writer as well.I tried to searched places where we can eat and what is the best dish I can offer to him. Days are rolling and rolling until October 23,2016 came and finally we’ve met. It was very pleasant to meet him. He was nice as I expected.

As we have planned during the days before he comes here in Singapore, I brought him in China town, Singapore. As the big and well known hawker center for locals and tourist here in Singapore are in that area. We took a bus and we started to explore the China town. Along our way we pass by a Hindu Temple Sri Mariamman Temple. As the temple have a special prayer day. They have a lot of devotees are in the temple for their prayers. I asked one person if we can go inside the temple and he answered me ‘yes!you can go inside but you have to out your footwear.’  It was my first time to be inside a Hindu Temple having a Prayer celebration. Markus and I went inside and we see how they do their prayers and we captured some photos inside the temple. As we going around, we noticed that they have a free food to everyone going in the temple. How good it was. Seeing a big big pots of tradional rice for Indians called Briyani Rice and Dhall curry. And some Indians people helping each other giving the packet rice to everyone in the queue. I felt a little pinch in my heart seeing their tradional prayers. It was amazingly good practices.

Sri Mariamman Temple,China town Singapore

The prayer hall
The table for free food to those who went to temple
That giant pot of Briyani rice and Dhall curry😱😱😱
The little Indian Girl giving a free packet of food😇🙌🙏
Our first time to be in Hindu Temple😇🙏

After we had our rounds in the temple, We walk a bit and there we found what we are looking for Chinatown Seafood Restaurant for the best Chilli Crab in town. The waitress gave us a table and menu card. We ordered the signature dish of Singapore Chilli Crab and 6pcs Pau and Iced lemon tea. They provided the plates,cutleries,and the funny red bibs😂😂. While we were talking and talking about things we suddenly mind that we are waiting quite long for our Chilli Crab. It wasn’t a joke. I already finished drinking my drinks and our orders still haven’t come. Although I already warned by other food bloggers and some costumers wrote a review on that restaurant that the service is very poor. After few more minutes orders came. As we smelled the dish, the long minutes of waiting suddenly turned to a delightful feast. We suddenly forgot how many minutes we have waited. We took a few pictures of the Chilli Crab and us as well and we started eating. 

The Chilli Crab. yum yum yum😋
The pictures moment👧👦
The red bibs😅
The red bibs😅
The messy plates after we ate..Worth the waiting time.Yum yum😋

It was one of my best lunch ever in Singapore. Eating with the person I didn’t know personally but still the comfortability with him while eating is incomparable. Enjoying our eating of chilli crab and didn’t bother how messy our face,mouth,hand and plates. It was absolutely a great lunch with a delicious chilli crab..ohhhh dear!(It made craved while I am writing this article).  

One of my favorite pictures of him. It’s totally obvious that we enjoyed the Chilli Crab😅😅

We didn’t take any longer to stay after we eat because we still have some places to visit. So we continue to our road venture. Along our way, China town is one of the busiest town in Singapore. A lot of souvenir shops and some different stores around the corner. As I saw Bakkwa, I quickly asked him to come inside and we try the few grams of Bakkwa. It was another Signature trade mark of Singapore. It is quite expensive but it’s worth the penny to buy. We going inside and we look around until we end up buying a 100g of Pork Bakkwa.

Bee Cheng Hiang(The home of authentic Bakkwa)
The Roaming Fork capturing the Bakkwa
That random selfies😂😅😅😅
Authentic Pork Bakkwa of Singapore

As we planned, we are going to the Biggest and Most Visited Hawker Center in Singapore “The Chinatown Food Complex”.  As we arrived in the hawker center already early afternoon. Unfornately, we didn’t manage to see the heavy crowd as it is already afternoon. Few stores are already close and only few people are eating. As I got a save article of another food blogger listed the 5 Best Hawker Center in Singapore and their suggested stores and dish. Admittedly,it was a fare judgement on the stores we chose from the list. We had Yum Cake and Bee hoon and we barrowed extra plate for our Bakkwa. 

The Table @ Maxwell Hawker Centre Singapore
The Beehoon.. The Yum Cake.. The Bakkwa

The yum cake is quite nice although we can’t figure it out what is the real taste of it. It was like out of rice flour,mix with salty and sweet taste. Have to dip with some chilli sauce and black sauce. We found it funny taste but a fair judgment not so bad the taste. Bee Hoon  what we both agreed upon the Bee Hoon is that it is Blant and it’s taste soya only. Forgive for this comment. I am not being too judgemental but that is exactly the taste. The Bakkwa is taste very nice. As Markus appreciated the taste of Bakkwa too. The roasted sweet pork barbecue hmmmm yum😋. Not that long after after we headed to another Hawker Center to check out what they can offer. It was late afternoon so expectedly crowd is not so many. We didn’t order anything as we are both full already. We just a short round and saw the famous store of Chicken Rice there. It was open and few costumers are on the queue. After we had a round we decided to get a cup of coffee as Markus knows that it was my I ordered a coffee and creamer and Markus ordered Kopi-O.. We sat and drink and I was surprised that my coffee is very nice. I hardly find a shop to get a nice coffee in a local food center but that day woooow.. How lucky I am.

The cup of coffee. The coffee that makes our day more energetic😅

As soon as we finished our coffee we walk out of the hawker center and headed to our next destination The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.  As my friend told me that temple is very nice and open to tourist. So we went there as it is a short distance from the food center. And surprisingly my friend was absolutely right. I was amaze with the temple.  Markus and I had a walk all the way to the inside of the temple. The temple is all lighted with very bright lights and well maintained temple. Quite alot of people going in that temple. Some are local Chinese people doing their prayers and some are tourist going around. Beautiful temple.

    The lady making their prayer.

    One of the God’s in the Temple

    I am not that religious type of person but I always do a prayer every house of God I’ve been to.🙏

    As I was amazed of the lift because of the mirror has an art design Chinese print I took a selfie of myself for fun. I didn’t realized that there is somebody looking at me while taking a selfie of myself. Ahaha this guy probably will think I am crazy and his standing like “hey!what you doin’ molly?”ahahaha. 

    One of the most favorite photos😅😅 silly meeh😂

    After we touring around the temple we decided to go back to his hotel as we had an reservation in the highest  Alfresco Bar in Singapore Altitude1.  We went back via MRT. From the temple we walk all the way to MRT STATION. Quite long the distance but we didn’t mind as we enjoying to walk. A lot of people the area and shops. 

    Street walk “Chinatown of Singapore”

    Once we got inside the MRT, we bought his ticket. We are in Downtown Line. We need to take two MRT to reach on his hotel. To get on the other line of the MRT we need to walk a very very far distance. Markus didn’t complain to me but I can feel that he regrets taking MRT..ahehehe.. Infairness to Singapore MRT tunnels that walking inside is very comfortable and smells fresh. While we are walking in tunnel it comes a thought in our mind that walking from Chinatown back to Hotel Peninsula is more convenient and more faster than taking MRTs. 

    As we comes out of the MRT, it was drizzling. It was totally disappointment to both of us as the restaurant we booked won’t be open their Roof top Bar. As we were walking to the hotel, I suggested to cancel the booking of the restaurant. As we wanted to catch the sunset while we were having a drinks of Martini and had some foods in the roof top but the weather didn’t give us a chance until I finally decided to cancel the booking. 

    After got fresh up from a long walk around the town, we decided to go for another relaxing walk at the  Marina Bay. As we arrived, Lights of the tall tall towers welcome us even the floors have lights. I personally loved Marina Bay ,Singapore as I really love the lights in the nights and walk along. And that night made even more special is that I am walking with the person(Markus Kampl) I have same passion in life(travel and write). We walk and walk all the way to the end of the Marina Bay crossing a numbers of bridges and passing by with bunches of peoples. The walk that has totally fun and enjoyment no matter how long the distance we have walked.(Marina Bay all the way to Clarke quay😱😱😱)that was not a joke.Thanks to Markus that he managed to walk with till the end. 

    Note: First time I walked without my hand phone and disconnected myself from social media. It was totally feels awesome. Have a peace of mind. Just walk,talk,laugh and have fun. A real of life of traveler.

    The Merlion City(Singapore)
    Singapore Financial Center
    Happiness is in the dark clouds lighted with colorful lights

    The country that leaves a thousand mark to me..

    Capturing some photos on some areas where it hihglights the city lights of Singapore and the best part of that long walk is when we pass by in an ice cream vendor. Immediately we bought each of us an ice cream and continue walking while eating .

    That Ice cream wafer that makes our walk so much fun..😋😋

    And that made our walk more and more enjoyable😅. Along our walk is thought of getting a glass or two of MARTINI as it was a prize for every steps and sweats that comes out to our body. Ahaha.

    Ohhh Gracious!Finally on our last

    And finally we reached the final Bridges to enter in  Clarke Quay Riverside, Singapore.  It is the good place in Singapore for night outs. A lot of bars on this area. Bars on the side of the Singapore River. As we reached the place we spotted a good place to sit and have a feast of Martini. Very relaxing place in the side of the river. Very windy plus the air from the fan right above our head. Ohhh Jesus! well paid of all the struggles crossing the bridges of Merlion City. 

    The prize of hard work GLASS OF MARTINI
    The white wine lover
    Luis Cañas White Wine

    Being a traveler it is not impossible to meet new people on the road of our journey. It is easy to get connected to those who have the same passion in life even if both of you are strangers. Having a bottle of wine and a glass of Martini and relaxing in the riverside of Singapore that changed everything. From being strangers to became a friends. As I am new in my solo traveling everyone is not happy every time I am going alone. They are scared for me. They thought it was a waste of time and money. And a lot of negative vibes. When I’ve met Markus I get more inspired to continue my journey although before I’ve met him I have my own confidence but meeting a person have the same passion made me even more inspired. One of the most unforgettable night that I had here in Singapore is when I spent a day and night with a travel blogger/writer who roaming around the world in the lens of food  The Roaming Fork(Markus Kampl).   I had so much fun spending time with you. And because of you I will embrace the world of traveling and I will write every journey I am going to take. Signing off  Solohistang Byahera😃😃😃

    Letter for Markus Kampl

    Thank you for the moment we had shared. Even if we were strangers we managed to create a one of a million memories in both of our lives. The passion of traveling makes us connected and proves to me that there is nothing wrong to trust a strangers. You know what I mean😊. Thank you for the compliments on every articles I’ve wrote. For spending time to read. I really appreciate your kindness😊😊. I hope one day will cross again our path some where down the road😄. 

    Yours truly, 


    Igniting My Passion is Another way of Chasing My Dreams..

    As I grew up,I never have a passion to anything in my life. I let my life lived in the moment of what is actually happening in everyday existance. What comes around will goes around. No plans of what I will be someday.What life has to offer me,just see and take it without seeing negativity of the things. If things turns good then that is better for me but if things turns out bad then I have to stop it and leave and let go. What is something good about me is that I can easily let go of negativility that mingle around my back. It hurts me like hell. I cried alot. But the moment I realize the purpose of my existance in this world I quickly move on and continue searching for another things to play around.

    When I decided to leave my country to work in foreign land four years ago, The thing in my mind was I am going to see other country and will be able to ride on an aeroplane. As simple as like that. Not bearing to my mind that I have to stay away to my family, friends and my homeland for longer years. As I am in foreign land during my first quarter of my first year, it was like a night mare, the most horrible feelings that you can deal with. When the time you want to go back home but you can’t, the time you need someone from your family to be with you when you have full of negative baggage in your heart and no is around,ohhh heck! all because of  my choosen commitment in foreign land. As I am lying down to my bed one night, as I spoke to myself,I realize no one will help me but only myself. Whatever circumstances comes along my way I have to face it. I must be able to be brave enough to go through my life no matter how difficult it was. I must deal on my own loneliness. Not that bad as how life of modernization was running in our society now adays. It can easily access to our love one’s through internet in any part of the world. I must enjoy myself to explore in a foreign land.

    Few months long after, I slowly slowly change myself. Change myself to a better me. Stronger than I was before. More broader my way of thinking. I becoming different to the old me. I’ve learned to plan things before hand. I’ve learned to explore myself and my abilities further to where I am. I’ve learn to set a goal and plan how to make it  it happened. Ive becoming a goal catcher. I became more confident on things. 

    Each and everyday that is passing by, I am getting to know myself deeper and deeper. I am becoming open to what is my real passion in my life. Reading articles from other writer on the same interest as I have mine makes me more confident and believes on myself that If I let myself do what is my passion it will freely go. I can go further to where I am. 

    Travelling alone is what  my passion now. June 2016 when I started my first solo backpacking to my own country(Philippines) in the Northern part of Philippines(Kalinga Apayao). It never go according to my plan. My itinerary didn’t follow. I went to a place that I didn’t know where, althought it was another way going to my destination. I was caught up the dark clouds in the road and force myself to find a place to sleep over. I was scared but I didn’t bother myself to entertaint my fears,loneliness and my feeling of hopeless. Instead I reciprocate my thoughts in my mind. I recalled the reason why am I doing that. Thank God! It helps to me. I slept in the hostel peacefully and continue venturing my destination on the following day. Even though I had alot of struggles during my first solo travelling I didnt take it a chance to stop me from going alone.Instead it becomes my reason to believed on myself that no matter what happened,no matter how bad my plans had gone through I will be able to survive anywhere and everywhere. It develops my strenght and I became more connected to myself. I became protective to myself. I have learned to value myself like nobody else can do for myself. I discovered who really I am during the time I was alone in the road travelling from one place to another. The wind that blows and slaps to my face made me realize the whole truth in the world. There is only one who will truly care and love myself and that is only ME. 

    After I have done travelling alone, there are alot of changes in my life. Aside from the fact that I have learned to move on and accept the things in order for me to live peacefully and happily. Now I have discovered what is really my passion in my life. What really could make my heart happy. And I found it traveling alone anywhere with a single back pack and a safety bag on my waist and sports shoes and comfy clothes and just go.Leaving the fashion clothes when I am on my holidays is the biggest change in my life of hopping abroad. I have learned that when travelling, I dont need to mix and match my clothes from tops to shoes..hell it’s funny but that’s the fact. During holidays,2-3pairs of footwear is in a luggage and mix and matched outfit seperated for each day…ohhh dear! 🙂 🙂 🙂 so funny.  But I am not against on that for as long as we know our purpose of why we are going and what we are doing.WE ARE FREE TO LIVE THE WAY WANTED. BE THE MASTER OF YOUR OWN SELF AND NEVER LIVE FOR THE SAKE OF OTHER. LOVE YOURSELF,YOU DESERVED IT.

    Dwell in your fears. You will  see the beauty of tomorrow’s sunshines. 

    Pulau Perhentian, Malaysia(Solo Backpacking) 

    T’was month of July when i thought of going for a solo island tour all by myself. Ofcourse I wanted to prove something to myself and that is I can go  even if I am alone. I can enjoy the beach without anyone on my side. Walk around the beach side. Book an island tour and do snorkeling alone. Spend time in a night life in an island. Those things comes to my mind that makes me excited to go.I started doing my research on which island is safe for solo female traveller in South East asia. I’ve red an article of Be My Travel Muse(by Kristin Addis). She was an solo female traveller from Patagonia and she travelled South East Asia alone. She wrote an article about Best Safe Island in South East Asia for Solo female traveller. And one on her list was Pulau Perhentian in North East shore of Malaysia. As i saw Malaysia, I was curious of the Island. I started to google every single details of that island. How to go from Singapore. What are the things that can be done on that island. I’ve tried to search some blogs from other traveller who went on that island and watch some videos too in youtube posting about that island. As on my research thru reading blogs, majority was very happy after going to that island but there are some traveller also went there that have bad experience. Slightly things to be scared of but it doesn’t need to worry too much. After seeing the photos and videos of that island you will be amazed and makes you wanna go too. Because of that, I made  my own plan on how to go there from Singapore. I listed a raft draft plan of my itinerary on how to go on that island. As it shown below:)

    4th-7th of September  2016 when I finally decided to go in the island of Pulau Perhentian, Malaysia. I was coming from Singapore, for me to travel easily,I went to Larkin Bus Station In Johor Bahru, Malaysia. After reaching the bus station around 7:40pm, I started to look around to buy the ticket for Kuala Terrangganu until i end up to this ticket booth.

    They have two trip a day to Kuala Terrangganu,Malaysia. 9:00am and 9:45pm. I took 9:45pm trip. It is more convinient to travel in the night so you will reach the place early in the morning. And the fact that I can sleep in d bus up to morning. 6:00am in the morning when I’ve reach Kuala Terrangganu. Around the area there are alot of taxi waiting for the passenger. The price of the taxi from Kuala terranganu to Kuala Besut is 120Rm(25usd). It takes about 1hr30mins. I made a bit mistake of taking Kuala Terrangganu as my drop off point. I should take Jerteh and come down to Jerteh Bus Station to shorten my distance to Kuala Besut. Roughly it will take only 30mins the travel distance.(30Rm)(8usd)

                            S.P. BUMI BUS

                 Kuala Terengganu Bus Stop

    After reaching the Kuala Besut around 7:30am,the taxi driver brought me to the ticket office for the speed boat going into the island. After getting my ticket for my last stop, I felt so much happiness and excitement. Happiness because I’ve reached the place safely and without trouble in any place I’ve pass by. Excitement after seeing alot of tourist is going on the Island coming from different part of the world. Around 8:00am when the boat man asked to get ready to go inside the boat.

               Passengers going to the Island

               Speed Boat to Pulau Perhentian

    .   Morning Sunshine at N.E of Malaysia

    After reaching the island around 9:00am in a d morning. I chose Long Beach,Pulau Perhentian for the reason of it was the backpackers island. It was my first time to go for solo island tour without booking any hotel to stay on after arriving. I myself walked around the island to search for a room to stay. I was looking for a cheaper and decent chalet even without aircon.I wanted to experience how it really feels like to be a backpacker traveller. I’ve walked to the right side of the island,(didnt get the name :)) I’ve inquire to the receptionist how much per night a backpackers chalet,he said no more available room for backpackers. It was my first failed attempt to get a cheaper chalet. I’ve walk back again going to the left side of the island. I’ve check another receptionist and asked how much per night the chalet and he answered me 80Rm(25usd),it sounds ok for me so I asked the looks of the chalet and the place of it because i wanted my safety. I wanted to stay where I can easily get for help just incase something will happen during night of my sleeping.(a warning from a traveller who went there and faced a bad experience of someone trying to open the door of her room around 3am and the fact that she was alone). As he showed the chalet, I wasn’t satisfied of the place because he is giving me a room a bit far from the outside sea and hardly see traveller renting the room nearby so I refused to stay. Finally on my third attempt of searching a chalet, I’ve got what exactly I wanted. A simple fan room with balcony with a shared bathroom. It wasn’t near from the receptionist but there are alot of traveller next to my room so I was feel safe.

    .               The Rock Garden Resort

                      The Reception Area

                  The Reception Chalet View

                    Way up to my Chalet

    While walking to my chalet, I felt a bit scared because of something I have red from other traveller also that must be careful while walking because there are alot of big lizard crawling around the grass and squierrel climbing up and down the tree. Closely to my chalet,suddenly there’s something that crawl nearby to my feet and I scream louder that other people around the area came out to their Other traveller told me that they are alot around the area and must be careful. It’s so scary:)

         Squierrel crawling down my chalet

    Squierrel crawling on my neighbors chalet

    After going inside my chalet i decided to get ready to start my adventure. Apart of my plan was going for island tour including snorkeling. As travellers described the island as one of the best diving spot in Southeast Asia. I was really excited to see what they were talking about. Along my walking in the beach side looking for island hopping services, this place caught my attention

    This shop is right in the middle of the Kecil Perhentian. I asked the person on the shop, what is the best place to go for snorkeling, and the person I spoke was very good in convincing a costumer. He told me he got a trip in Private Island, Turtle Island, Rawa Island, Light House. Before me,he already got 5 costumers will go for that island tour. And top of his convincing power,he guaranteed me that I will enjoy the tour or if not, he will return my money back. Sounds challenging right? And that made say yes to his offer.

    Few pictures that I captured during my snorkeling in the Island. T’was the most braviest thing I have done in my life. I love to go around the Island. Riding on the boat and letting the wind slap my face. I felt soo much happiness toyring around the island. But going under the open water, that is something that I am scared of even I know how to swim. I dont have enough confidence going myself under the sea. But when I decided to go on the island myself apart of my plan to conquer my fear of going under the water and see how beautiful the world under the water. I was very thankful to the boatman who helped me explore under the water. It was totally amazing how beautiful it was. I saw alot of different kind of big and small fishes under. The beautiful corals(died and alive corals). And the most thing I am very happy to see was the nemo. I was just watching that show when i was small little girl:):).The boat man pulled my hand and we swim together from island to another island. I felt I am more brave enough to go on myself alone after doing this. It gives me realization that I can conquer my life’s journey  with or without someone’s presence. I was too lucky and blessed that along my journey there are alot of good people I am meeting up.

    .                     Abdul Hussain +6011-17683823

    A very nice and kind man who helped me to explore the island. A man who gave his service to tour me around the island. Brought me into the light house. Climb with me all the way to the top to capture the Island view. Strolling the island the catch the sunset. My goodness! He even treat me dinner on the place he said i can have a nice food. Even buying of my return ticket going back to Singapore. He also asked his friend to do it for me. And the most thing that I am very thankful to him was when he help me to catch the speed boat going out to the island because I missed the boat service. Damn, thankful to him after catching the boat. I can’t stay another night in the island because of my next flight to somewhere. He is the most good man I have ever met during my solo travel. This is my first attempt of going for a solo backpacker trip International.(Solo Island trip)

                        Light House View Perhentian Kecil

    Strolling around the island waiting for the sunset is really amazing. I love sunset in any way it appears in the sky. It was soo lovely and it gives me peace of mind and calms my heart and my soul.

                      Sunset around Kecil Perhentian Island

    Around 7pm in the evening when we comeback to our island. He brought me for dinner. The food was amazing. I ordered Malaysian style tom yum soup and a Mango shake. While having our dinner, the rain start to drizzle. I was a bit disappointed because i won’t be able to experience the night life in the island.

                               Malaysian style Tom Yum Soup
                                     Mango Shake

    On the way back to the main island heavy rain started so I have no choice but to go back to my room. It wasn’t a bad idea to go back to my room because whole day I was tired of so many activities I have done on that day and the fact that I was in a long traveling by bus the night before. It was amazing night that I didn’t feel any loneliness in my room alone. I’ve watched the video I took when I was under the water. Too much happiness. And that is the reason that gave me a nice sleep in my room. Around 7am in the morning when I woke up the following day. I washed my face and get ready for my breakfast down the island isle. My morning routine for my breakfast was a cup of coffee. Aside from coffee I ordered plate of fruits. Ahahha I didnt expect the plate of fruits is too much for ine person. It was alot and huge plate. I cannot return my order so I have no choice but to eat those fruits.

                            Fruits plate for breakfast

    After my breakfast I went to the boat man shop to sit and wait for other tourist to go for an island tour and snorkeling. This time my goal is to be confident under the water. The boat man and I swam under the water side by side. We swam around the snorkeling area but never go from 1 island to another island. I was really happy that I conquered my fear at the same time I have done another solo journey.

    Around 2:00pm when we came back on our island. I decided to go for a quick walk from another island called  Coral Bay. It was like 10mins walk from my island. Just a bit disappointed to what i have seen on that usland because nothing  is much interesting. Just a small jetty,chalets,bars and restaurants. After capturing some photos I quickly go back to my room to get ready to get out of the island.

                               Ombok Chalet At Coral Bay
                               Board walk from the boat jetty

    The intense things that happened to me in the island was when the speedboat gone and I am still in my room. The boat man told me the speedboat left exactly 4:00pm and I came around 4:15pm. I was so worried how to get out of the island that time. I was about to cry because I have flight somewhere the following day. I was begging for the boat man to help me get out of the island and he was so kind that he tried to call the boat driver of the speedboat. After he contacted the speed boat driver he quickly drove all the way where the speedboat waiting for me. I do not know how am I gonna thank the boat man for every good things that he have done to me during my stay in the island.

    After reaching the Kuala Besut, I was looking for the boat man friend some where the area. I couldn’t find his friend because I do not know his face exactly and I have no local balance to call his friend. Lucky after few minutes the boat called me to my whatsapp. From that call he gave me instruction on how to go on his friend’s office. After reaching his friend’s office he gave me my bus ticket going back to Singapore. My bus timing is 9:45pm.

    Since I came early for my trip back to Singapore and I have nothing to do in his office he asked me for a short drive to nearby beach around Kuala Besut. We walk in the sea side and having a short talk. He was nice as well. Pity I didn’t have a chance to take even a single picture of him. The beach side was so peace and quiet and very few people was there. 7pm when we drive back to his office and he dropped me in a food place. I ordered pratha cheese because I had my heavy lunch. Around 8:00pm when we decided to go on the bus station to wait there. Nearby to bus station there was a market and food area. We walked there awhile and decided to have an ice cream whilr waiting. It was nice talking to him. His very funny and alot of stories.

    .       Road captured(Sunset at Kuala Besut,Terrengganu)

    Exactly 9:45pm when the bus came. Thankful and blessed for one journey that I won’t forget in my entire life. The journey that opened my eyes that I don’t need anyone to come with me in anywhere I wanted to go. Myself is enough to go further far to where I am now. Travelling alone proves to me that I have nothing to fear of in any places and from the people around the places. Fullfiling myself to achieved whatever my heart desires was my greatest things to keep in order for me to move on freely and independently. Being wild and free is something that you should be strong for you to be competely happy and live peacefully.

                      Bus Coach going back to Singapore
    Market around Jerteh, Malaysia
    .                      Market around Jerteh,Malaysia
                   Magnum Espresso is my heavenly happiness

    Pulau Perhentian is located in the Northeastern coast of West Malaysia in the state of Kuala Terrengganu. The two main island is Perhentian Besar(Big Island) and Perhentian Kecil(Small Island).

    The Perhentian Besar is an Island for Family and a couple who wanted a peace and quiet place. The Island prepared for a family activity. While the Perhentian Kecil is an Island for back packers and for those who love the noise of the night life in the beach.

           Long Beach Island, Perhentian Kecil

    Keep life simple..

    Every thing in our life has an ending. There is no constant in our society. The earth is rotating 360°. Everything is constantly changing.Some things are meant to end in a beautiful way and there are some things that are meant to end in a painful way. No matter how are the things gonna end, we must know how to embrace it. We must be aware to the fact that things are meant to end. We should be strong to overcome our emotions. Emotions shouldn’t stuck into our minds,for our emotions will bring us down in a moment that we already down. We must be in control for whatever things lingering in ourselves. Never be too happy in some things that we know that it is just an TEMPORARY HAPPINESS(People,Things,Happenings,and etc). Never expect too much on something that you know it wasn’t last for a long time. Expecting too much may lead to too much pain than a Normal pain. Even some things that are going too well, suddenly it will fall back wards and it will results to dissapppintments. Too hard to resist in that situations. It will takes more time to recover. It will takes longer process of moving on.There will be bitterness, there will be depressions, there will be hatred and so on and so forth. Acceptance will takes a long time to accept the reality. Every things should take in moderation. There is nothing wrong to be happy in the things, people or whatever but the most important thing to remember is that we should know how to handle every single things that is happening around our surroundings. We should know when to go and stop in a certain happenings. We should know when to hold on and surrender for a certain matters or even people. To let go of someone we trully love is a big challenge to anyone. Emotions will sucks our minds, (I want him/her, why we cannot be together, I thought this and that then how come we end up like this,we are so happy and y suddenly it turned into a nightmare,) this are only few words we keep asking to ourselves every unhappy ending stories. This is only one of the reason why we shouldn’t expect too much and never invest too much happiness in every things that is going around us. We must learn to accept things that we cannot have it back again. We should not only focus ourselves on a certain things only. We should be open to everything. We should continue searching for what is the life has to offer to us. Learning and dealing with things is a continous process. Every morning we waking up is another day of learning. We should not stop on one thing that make us happy. We should not stop ourselves to someone that making us happy. People around us whether family, friends or loveones is just a part of our success by being our inspirations. Our loveones is just our supporters for every journey we are taking for. To seek life, we should continue moving forward and discover other things with in our own abilities and capabilities. Never depends our self to anyone. Learn to stand on your own feet so when the trials comes it is not difficult for you to stand and make things better on your own way. Conquer life in the furthest way as you can. Never stop seeking for what is the beauty of life. Enjoy every single thing that is happening to us. Be happy even for a small things you got. To be happy is our choices so let us all set ourself to our own freedom. Move without limits. Move without doubts. Fly like a bird..keep our life in a simple way. :):):)


    Letting yourself unstuck into something that you couldn’t have it back is a sign that you are strong enough to walk through ahead of life.Acceptance to the things that you cannot work with again is the only key to live and direct your life into something that is more worthy and more rewarding for yourself.Everything has ending. Either in good or in bad ways. But no matter what and how it was ended we should be able to continue growing, learning and adopting new things in life. We should be able to conquer every things that comes along our way. Life’s struggles has an ending. You just have to help yourself to UNSTUCK on certain things. Having a company of someone either family, friends,even strangers or anyone is good. It helps in some ways. It helps you to redirect yourself. Above these choices, we should remember to find happiness even when we we’re alone. That if times comes that everyone is busy doing their own things we will still be able to go on and see the Life is beautiful. Being alone in some point of our lives gives us idea of new things to work with. A new idea that will improved our daily lives. New things that will make us realize that this thing and that thing i want to do and i want to be.Things that you never thought before suddenly it gives a change in our minds and start planning and doing action into it. Beautiful Life journey will always defends on how are we going to direct our life. Along my journey in my 29th year of existance i have so many things that i have been through. I have been knock down in so many ways. At first, indeed the pain. Cries alot. Depressions is the worst thing that i have been experienced and yet i managed to be able to recover myself. To the point i committed suicide. But i am thankful that despite of those things happened to me i managed to get up on my own self. I managed to survived every downfall of my life. My strenght comes from every trials i have been through in life.Indulging every pain that we are facing to,for into pain makes us realize of so many things. We just have to be optimistic in every aspect of our life. Life is a battle. We should play it smartly and full of intelligence. Never allow any negativity to enter into your soul.Negativity ruins a LIFE. Walk ahead and leave the things that is not meant for you.
    Along my journey i have few things i have done in my life and still doing it in when i am alone. Things that you can consider to do when times comes that you find yourself wanted to be alone for sometimes.


    Either day walk or night walk will really help yourself to leave all the burden that was stuck in your heart. You just have to act yourself as like TOURIST in your own country. (sounds fun right?) Take out your camera or just even phone camera it can be also, take a click of something that makes you ohhh wooow!. Until you wont notice you are moving further and further away..

    As i walked in the night in The Marina bay,Singapore all by myself. Enjoying the city lights of the road. Great selfie:)

    As i walked along the road of Yuan Ching,Singapore going to Chinese Garden all by myself. I enjoyed my walking and saw this street mirror and made me take a picture and ended this with ohhhhh woooow:):):):)..

    Walking alone can be fun as well. No worries about “wether your friends enjoying the places you are going or does she/he likes what you doing” No feelings like that. Your shoes is your master…👟👟👟👟👟..


    Taking a bus ride or train ride can be an  escape to the feeling of loneliness. Taking a bus ride and sitting on the second level of a bus in a double decker bus is one of unique experiences you can do. Looking around the greenery places that the bus is passing by is very relaxing. Some point of your mind you realize that we are too lucky to live in the beauty of earth. As i do it sometimes it ease my loneliness.

    This is my train ride from Johor Bahru,Malaysia down to Woodlands, Singapore.A selfie of an emo face😂😂😂

    Woodlands Bus Intersection. Taking a bus ride from one point all the way down to end point.

    KTM Johor Bahru,Malaysia

    A train selfies SMRT Singapore

            3. DATE YOURSELF

    Once in a while we should go outside and treat ourself into a fancy place. It can be cafe, a restaurant, or even a fast food. Having a feast of food regardless of your diet. Without limiting yourself of how much carbs and calories is in the food. We are only living in our life once, we should enjoy it to the best as we can be no matter what are going through. Search for the place that you have never been before. It might be a bar restaurant in front of see/beach, it can be a rooftop bar where you can enjoy the wind and catch the sunset from the top building or just drop by in a fast food like Mc donalds, KFC or wherever there is a new menu flavor in the stores. This is one of my favorite thing to do when i feel lonely and nobody has to accompany me.

    First time to eat a PHO VIATNAMESE NOODLES.yum yum😋😋…

     from WILDFIRE BURGER..I dont care how much calories and carbs in this burger but i did eat the whole piece of burger😂😂😂

    A selfie inside The coffee bean and Tea leaf Cafe somewhere in Manila City, Philippines

               4. WALK/SEAT ALONG THE BEACH

                The most favorite thing i wanna do and will always do when i am alone. Watching the sea waves, refreshing myself from the fresh air while sitting down in a bench and waiting for the sunset to come down.. Amazingly and absolutely the feeling was awsome. I LOVE NATURE. It really makes me feel comfortable and loved even no hands from the people i love the most. The company of the winds is good enough to ease every negativity that is running into my veins. Watching the sunset to come down is giving me a reason to look forward for another sunrise to come. Another day of journey to walk and live in. LIFE IS TOO BEAUTIFUL WITH OR WITHOUT ANYONE ON OUR SIDE.

    Panorama at the East Coast Park, Singapore

    Watching over the sunset at the Changi Beach,Singapore.

    Phorograph by myself in Changi Beach,Singapore.


    Try to travel as far as you can. It can be local or international. Conquer your fears and break every negative things behind travelling alone. Yes! Somehow it is scary but just like in life,we have to be brave to face the life and continue going no matter how rough the road we are taking. We have to find a way for a better living with happiness. To travel alone makes you brave and it will let you open your mind in every places that you are going to. You have to be very observant and don’t be scared. For being aware of the things around you in an unkwon place will make u succeed to reach the place you that are going to. As for myself, i found  travelling alone is fun that even i get lost in a certain place i never scared to find a way to get out of the place i was stuck. I tried to seek help from the local people from the place. There are still alot of good people around the world. We just have to learn to trust them. I did my farthest solo travel on Buscalan Village,Tinglayan,Kalinga Apayao,Philippines. I absolutely enjoyed my trip.I was lost, I was caught dark in a road but I manage to find a place to sleep on. In this trip, I proved to myself that i can surpass every challenges that comes into my life. I became more confident to face life and learn to welcome what has life to offer me in the future.
    Tinglayan,Kalinga Apayao,Philippines My first solo backpacker travel 2016

    The purpose of my travel Legendary Mambabatok(traditional tattoo artist)WHANG OD

    The place i was lost but managed to find my way in.

    To be able to ride on a bus with the villagers..Carrying their stuff in their daily lives.

              6. A Cup of Coffee

    Coffee is the only thing that change my mood. The only source of my energy. The only thing i can count on when i really need someone to hold on to but nobody is around. The only thing that can help me carry on with the issues coming on my way. My favorite place is to sit on the balcony,hold on my favorite cup of coffee and watch how the clouds is moving on the sky.Amazingly! It relaxing my mind. For every places I am going to I always look for the best coffee in town. I make sure i will get a packet and put in a container after come home. Seeing my jars of coffee from different places makes me happy. I do not know y. I am a coffee lover. From drinks to sweets to cakes I always wanted a coffee flavor. My favorite coffee was from India. BRU COFFEE. It is totally perfect for me. Strongest coffee with a very nice aroma of coffee. I always drink this coffee everyday single day. COFFEE AND COFFEEMATE CREAMER..Ooooozing😁😁😁😁😁

    My ultimate favorite coffee BRU COFFEE

    My favorite cup for coffee

    My jars of coffee from different countries

    To the best place I always sit down for my coffee time.

    One of my stress reliever Tiramisu Chocolate😍😍😍😍

    Along my journey working in foreign land for four years change me alot. Learned alot. Experienced alot. Done so many things that i never think before that one day i can do it. It made stronger than before. I learned to be happy on my own way and never depend myself from anyone. I hope this articles help you in such a way. Let’s live our life to the best as we can be. Enjoy every single day of our lives:):):):)